Sample Travel Itinerary

Below is a sample travel seminar itinerary, provided for demonstration purposes only. Please note that details of the 2024 travel seminar itinerary may vary from what is presented here. 

Travel Seminar Itinerary 

July 6 (Sat) DEPART for Tokyo.

July 7 (Sun) ARRIVE to Tokyo. Check into hotel. Group welcome meeting. 

July 8 (Mon) SCHOOL VISIT #1. Shinozaki Middle School. 

July 9 (Tue) SCHOOL VISIT #2. Shinozaki Middle School. Evening debrief session.

July 10 (Wed) SCHOOL VISIT #3: Seijo University. Evening meet-and-greet event.

July 11 (Thur) SCHOOL VISIT #4: Seijo Elementary School. 

July 12 (Fri) SCHOOL VISIT #5: Seijo Elementary School. Evening debrief session. 

July 13 (Sat) Personal time to explore Tokyo. GROUP CLOSING RECEPTION.

July 14 (Sun) Personal time to explore Tokyo. 

July 15 (Mon). DEPART and ARRIVE to NYC.