Travel Seminars for Teachers with Global Education Insights

Teachers, re-see your profession through a global lens this summer.

Introducing Travel Seminar for Teachers offered by Global Education Insights, a New Jersey non-profit corporation. The Travel Seminar for Teachers provides a unique professional development experience built around firsthand site visits to K-12 schools in other countries. 

How does the travel seminar work?

In small, collaborative groups, seminar participants take part in a unique professional development experience while enjoying unique access to K-12 schools and universities in the Tokyo area. To support teacher growth in the school site visits, seminar participants attend a guest lecture, connect with Tokyo educator counterparts, and participate in seminar debrief sessions. The travel seminar is supported on the Japan side by a network of outstanding volunteer educators committed to global exchange and intercultural education. 

In joining the Travel Seminar for Teachers, teacher participants are becoming part of a global educator network. As part of this network, seminar participants attend virtual/in-person orientation sessions leading up to the July travel departure date. During the travel seminar schedule in Tokyo, the educator group is led by two experts in global education, Dr. Dan Aronoff and Dr. Bryan Meadows. The travel leaders are also available to support participant private excursions outside of the seminar schedule. Finally, participants can expect opportunities to maintain post-travel connections with the global professional network established by the seminar.

2024 registration has closed. 

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Features of the Travel Seminar

2024 Travel Seminar Group
Travel Dates: July 6 - July 15, 2024

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Watch this video to gain detailed information about the 2024 Travel Seminar, to be hosted by Global Education Insights, a non-profit created by NJ teachers for NJ teachers. Registration opens March 1, 2024. Contact us today to reserve your spot in the cohort! 

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Travel Seminars for Teachers are ideal for NJ educators who are...

What are the benefits of Travel Seminars for Teachers for NJ educators? 

The goal of the travel seminar is to provide NJ public school educators with a unique global learning experience during the precious summer months. As a result of participating in the 8-day seminar, teachers come away with a robust professional development experience with short-term and long-term benefits.

In the short-term, teacher participants gain firsthand insights into how educational systems work in the Tokyo area through school site visits and personal contact with Tokyo counterpart educators. They also gain opportunities to process their professional learning in debrief sessions with fellow NJ colleague participants. In the short-term, such global experiences outside of New Jersey can lead K-12 teachers to discover new ideas for how we can do education at home.

In the long-term, the teacher reflection that the travel seminar engenders leads K-12 teachers to greater avenues of pedagogical effectiveness, greater capacity for student advocacy, and expanded sense of professional satisfaction as educators. What is more, participants become part of a global professional network which connects the individual NJ teacher with valuable colleagues locally and globally. This is because the Travel Seminar for Teachers global network is ongoing and maintained by the non-profit, Global Education Insights.

Testimonials: What are NJ teachers saying about the Travel Seminars?

Learning and being immersed in the Japanese school system has greatly impacted my teaching philosophy. After completing the program I was able to relate better to the Multilingual Learners in my classroom because I experienced what it felt like to be in a different country with a different culture, hearing a language I did not understand. We also had a lot of fun seeing the sights! I remain connected to the colleagues that I traveled with to this day both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend this program to new and veteran teachers alike! 

-- Ayla Q. (K-5 ESL Teacher, NJ)

One of the fondest memories I have of the trip was when we had to face elementary school students in a fierce badminton match. Unfortunately, the U.S team had a poor performance. They annihilated us! During the school visits, I learned so much from the students. They taught me the value of teamwork and how each individual contribution was essential for the development of the entire class. As an educator, I use this philosophy in my classroom. I want my students to feel that their contribution is essential. This has been by far the most enriching experience I have had as an educator.

-- Kelly G (K-5 Special Education Teacher, NJ)

My favorite part, was being able to  immerse ourselves in the various educational settings. We were truly able to open our eyes to a whole new perspective. I believe this is the root of traveling. We travel so we can open our eyes to so much more than we know, and that is such a beautiful thing. To say that it was an unforgettable experience is an understatement. 

-- Kimberly P. (NJ Teacher)

What you take away from this trip can be applied to any school setting, as I’ve discussed this trip to my K-12 students in the past. I distinctly remember when we were observing an English class and we all sang a song by Stevie Wonder! It was joyous way to engage with students from Japan in that setting, as we all giggled at each other’s singing skills! You’ll have many memories to last a lifetime!

-- Yuki K. (NJ Teacher)

Travel Seminar Fees for 2024: $1,775

Important: Seminar fees do not include airfare to/from NYC - Tokyo. 

What do the Seminar Fees cover?

Early Bird DISCOUNT (5%)

Gain 5% discount off seminar fees for completing registration and $750 deposit early. Ask for details. 

Bring a Buddy DISCOUNT (5%)

Gain 5% discount for bringing one colleague from your district. Indicate this at the time of registration. Discount will apply when both have completed the $750 initial deposit.

What is the seminar timeline?

March 1, 2024 (Friday)

Registration opens online

Complete $750 deposit to secure seminar spot

Early Bird Discount of 5% off seminar fees when completed by April 15, 2024.

Bring a Buddy Discount of 5% off seminar fees available.


April 15, 2024 (Monday)

Registration closes online for all

Regular deposit $750 due for all

Early Bird Discount window closes

April 18, 2024 (Thursday)

Online orientation and meeting for travel seminar participants


May 1, 2024 (Wednesday)

Travel Seminar Fees of $1,775 DUE (minus deposit and any qualifying discounts)

Bring a Buddy Discount window closes


May 4, 2024 (Saturday)

Online planning meeting #1

June 1, 2024 (Saturday)

Online planning meeting #2


June 29, 2024 (Saturday)

In-person breakfast social with travel seminar participants and seminar leaders


July 6, 2024 (Saturday)

Group departure date

What is Global Education Insights? 

Global Education Insights is a Non-Profit Organization formed in New Jersey to enrich K12 public education through unique global professional development experiences for NJ teachers. Global Education Insights is a non-profit, service venture led by two educators with 40 combined years of professional experience in higher-education and K-12 institutions. They also have 5 years of experience leading travel seminars to Tokyo. Global Education Insights works closely with local liaisons to develop and facilitate global travel experiences that leverage unique professional growth opportunities with economic value.

Introducing the Travel Seminar Leaders

Dan Aronoff (PsyD)

Educator experience includes: K-12 Teacher, K12 District Administrator, University Faculty, University Administrator, and Graduate Program Director 

Bryan Meadows (PhD)

Educator experience includes: EFL Teacher in Japan, K-12 Teacher, University Faculty, and Graduate Program Director Current Position: High School ESL Teacher


Global Education Insights is a non-profit corporation registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the New Jersey Division of Taxation as a public charity formed for educational purposes, consistent with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.